Plasma Transferred Arc Welding

Optimizes process of applying hardfacing overlay for wear resistance

Using powder instead of traditional solid rods, our Plasma Transferred Arc Welding (PTAW) machine is an efficient and cost-effective solution for our customers. The use of powder significantly reduces the cost of filler metal, and the machine features straight-forward controls which allows for the development of custom programs.

Located at our Newington, New Hampshire facility, the PTAW works with various metals including carbon and stainless steel, nickel and cobalt alloys and much more. Production rates are up to 90+% faster and the automated process allows for precise controls, providing a high degree of repeatability and consistency.

“This state-of-the-art technology is a great addition to Stone & Webster’s portfolio of quality services, said Greg Golub, vice president, Stone & Webster Sales and Marketing. The PTAW’s expert weldability assessments, cost estimates and procedure development all help provide solutions to the challenges faced by our customers.”